It was a big weekend for college football across the country. There were big-time match-ups, conference championship games, and round 2 of the FCS playoffs. The Bobcats hosted Weber State after a first-round bye, while the Griz took on the defending national champions in Fargo.

This was the Cats' second time hosting Weber State this year, and the Wildcats were looking for redemption after last time—a game that can only be described as wild.

The Cats dominated with an incredible rushing game and in the end, it was more than Weber State could handle. The final score was 33 to 25.  MSU will now host William and Mary this Friday night in the quarter-finals at Bobcat Stadium. It's the third year in a row the Cats have made it to this round.

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Things didn't go as well for Montana's other team. The Griz did their best to hang with the Bison, but in the end, North Dakota State beat Montana with a final score of 49-26.

For years, the Griz were the standard for football in the state, but over the last few years, MSU not only caught up with UM, but many folks believe they've left them behind.


Are the Montana State Bobcats now Montana's team?

Of course, the die-hard Griz fans will say absolutely not and will point to the overall record of the two teams. However, much like the popular 80's song, you have to ask yourself, "what have you done for me lately?"

The truth is that in the last few years, MSU has simply had a better program than UM. As mentioned above, the Cats are going to their third straight quarter-final game, they've won 19 in a row at Bobcat Stadium, multiple Conference Championships, and they're coming off a National Championship appearance.

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

In fact, the Griz lost more games this year alone than Brent Vigen has in his time as the head coach of the Bobcats.

As I said, Griz fans will disagree, but you can't argue with facts and the facts are, as of right now, the Montana State Bobcats are simply the best college football program in the state. I certainly don't expect all those UM fans to ditch their maroon and silver for blue and bold, but as Montanans, we should all get behind Montana's team.

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