Safety procedures are still in place so you need to plan ahead. I love my vet. But I despise shoving the cat in a box and taking him there. You can't pick the time your pet needs to see a vet so here's the deal in the age of COVID-19.

Stabby was limping pretty badly the last 24 hours. We couldn't find anything on him ourselves such as an obvious wound. Soooo, a call to our vet it was.

This is the SECOND time during this COVID-19 pandemic I've had to bring him into the vet's office.

An appointment was set for the following day at 10:30am. Super quick! But keep in mind that clients are not entering the offices at all. (At least not for general day to day appointments.) The staff comes to YOU in the parking lot.

  • I pulled up to the vet's office and parked in the lot.
  • Called the office to let them know I was there and DID NOT go inside.
  • They asked a few questions about his current issue and a few more about basic health and habits.
  • Then, one of their techs came out to the car (with a mask on) to get Stabby in his carrier.
  • I left their lot and went back home for a while.
  • The vet's office then called me when Stabby had been evaluated and got an updated shot. They were VERY thorough with me on the phone about the x-rays Stabby got, what they (did not) find and the state of both of his 2 front paws.
  • I showed back up at the vet's office 30 minutes later to pick up the cat. Again, calling from the parking lot when I arrived.
  • They were able to take my payment information over the phone while I was in the parking lot.
  • The cat got delivered back to my car in his carrier. Piece of cake. At least for me. Stabby, not so much.
  • Turns out he's fine for now. His limping was non-existent when I came home this morning to take him to his appointment. Since it certainly WAS an issue the for the last couple of days, I did NOT cancel the appointment. Better safe than sorry.
photo - Michelle Wolfe
photo - Michelle Wolfe

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