A lot of things have changed since the last time David Lee Roth and Van Halen toured behind a brand new album together, but one thing will always stay the same: Diamond Dave is all about the love, man, and he proved it again last night (March 13) when he stopped the band’s performance in Manchester, NH to admonish some fans for fighting each other.

“Knock off the f—ing fighting. F— you!” screamed Roth into the crowd partway through a rendition of ‘(Oh) Pretty Woman.’ “What do you think this is, a f—ing mosh pit? You’ve got all the best-looking women on the f—ing East Coast here and all you can f—ing think of is f—ing fighting?”

After the audience applauded Roth’s profane tirade, he brought out some of that patented Dave charm, reminding the women in the audience: “Ladies, I’m on your side, yeah.”

Business taken care of, Roth asked drummer Alex Van Halen to start the song over from the top, and the show continued — presumably, without any more funny business from rowdy fans. Take a look at the clip below, which finds Roth interceding in the fight at around the 48-second mark:

Watch David Lee Roth Stop a Fight During a Van Halen Concert

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