Fresh from the success of their cruise, Weezer are now considering creating an even more unique fan experience. In a recent interview, frontman Rivers Cuomo said the group is considering creating its own form of summer camp.

“We’d like to put together some sort of Weezer camp.” he told the Herald Sun of Melbourne, Australia. “But we’re just beginning to talk about it, so I don’t have any details yet.”

Although he provided no specifics, the idea of a Weezer camp is tantalizing. In addition to typical summer camp fare like archery, swimming and arts and crafts, there could be a whole host of Weezer-specific activities. What Weezer fan wouldn’t be thrilled to take classes such as Destroying Sweaters, Having ‘Raditude’ and How to Not Talk to Girls?

And in honor of the nicknames given to three of their albums, a color war would be conducted between the Blue, Green and Red teams. There would also be a Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore lookalike contest, with the winners earning a trip to Beverly Hills.