Advanced Directives shouldn't be a scary term. Knowing and SHARING what you want to have happen to you when a serious illness strikes is terribly important to medical staff and more importantly, your family.

It's been something my family has dealt with one more than one occasion, and I'll speak from personal experience that it's a GREAT THING TO HAVE. Nobody has to guess about what sort of medical procedures are OK or not OK with your family member.

Generally it's for older people or those with chronic illness. The form is easy to fill out and it can be changed at any time if a medical condition eases. THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER!

DOWNLOAD A FREE POLST FORM HERE and consider filling it out and keeping it in a visible place if your family has need. Hopefully it won't be something you'll ever have to use but again.....if an emergency arises and medical personnel get involved, they need to know what your loved one wants, or DOESN'T want.

Making your medical wishes known to your family is a great gift in a time of crisis