Summer is winding down, I think it's safe to name the song(s) that epitomized that warm, good feeling. The Moose brought me three 2012 summer jams:

Every year there seems to be one or two new songs that are added to our ever-expanding "Summer Tunes" mix. For me, a new group out of England gave me two this year (off one album...unheard of!) If you haven't heard Graffiti6's debut album, Colours, do yourself a favor and treat your ears to this soulful masterpiece. We've played you "Stare Into the Sun" and "Free" this summer and I've been living carefree ever since,but am now blind as a result. The other song I'll always associated with the summer of 2012 is The Statesmen's "Better Than You" (The Statesmen, led by Jonah Smith, have also put together a fine album, btw). The Moose has been bringing it this summer. What song or songs (Moose-related or not) have been synonymous with this summer for you?

While you think about that, enjoy the video for Graffiti6's "Stare Into the Sun":