I grew up near the Barbeque Capital of the country; BBQ is just a part of life there, and cooking it is one of my passions in life. In fact, one of the only things I like better than cooking BBQ is eating the stuff.

Here in Montana, we have some fantastic places if you love slow-cooked meat that's well-rested and slathered in sauce. There are several different types of meat and cuts to choose from. Ribs are always popular, as is chicken, brisket, and burnt ends, however, you can never go wrong with pulled pork.

A perfectly prepared pulled pork sandwich is a gift from the culinary gods.

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Of course, different folks have different ideas about what makes a perfect pulled pork sandwich. For me, the pork needs to be tender and the sauce needs to have a little bit of sweetness, with some savory as well. The mixture of the two really is a delight for the tastebuds.

Homemade Vegan Pulled Jackfruit BBQ Sandwich with Coleslaw and Chips

Then, of course, there is the coleslaw.

Personally, I make my own, but the real question comes down to what you do with it. In the south, the coleslaw goes on top in between the meat and bun.

So where can you find the best pulled pork in Montana?

Slow-cooked pork with sugar glazing. Close up view with vintage fork

This is a tough question. It's kind of like asking what religion is the right one. Chances are, whoever you ask is going to tell you the one that they like the best is the right one, and so it goes with Barbeque. However, we've come up with a list of some of the most popular places in Montana to get delicious pulled pork.

  • The Notorious P.I.G. in Missoula
  • Blues BBQ in Billings
  • Follow Yer' Nose BBQ in Emigrant
  • Moose Creek BBQ in Stevensville
  • Thirsty Turtle in Big Timber
  • Piggyback BBQ in Whitefish
  • Bourbon BBQ in Bozeman

There are no doubt tons of other places around Montana that could make the list. We want to know where your favorite place for pulled pork is—let us know by sending us a message on our app!

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