Even gambling monkeys enjoy the winner's high, which explains why so many of us don't resist the urge to "stick in a 5" when we're in close proximity to keno and poker machines.

According to the Montana Gambling Control Division:

  • In 1976 the Montana Supreme Court legalizes video keno as a form of live bingo
  • In 1984 the Montana Supreme Court rules that video poker machines (Draw 80) are illegal slot machines. (Gallatin County v. D&R Music & Vending, Inc.)

BUT THEN IN 1985 - The legislature passes the Video Poker Machine Act, which allows five poker machines per liquor license and unlimited keno machines. The law establishes license fees for machines, rather than a tax. In 1986, the state issues 2,887 video poker licenses.

(Many other pieces exist in the legal framework of Montana gambling, we just listed a few important ones......)

So now that we understand how the modern gambling landscape became what it is today, we ask...............where is your favorite place to gamble around the Gallatin Valley?

Keno winner/KMMS

....and we're not sure this works because we haven't tried it but next time you're around a machine, give it a shot?