When it comes to giving back, I can't think of too many places that are more generous than Montana.  Here in Montana, we have tons of local charities and non-profits that depend on the generosity of Montanans to make sure they're able to continue on with their missions.

So when WalletHub came out with their list of the Most Charitable States, it just made sense that Montana would be at the top, right?

Here's the problem, we weren't at the top, in fact, we weren't even near the top. So just where does Montana rank when it comes to the most charitable states? Well, it seems we're much closer to the bottom.

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So maybe you're wondering how they come up with the results? According to WalletHub, there are two markers that are used.

Volunteering and Service and Charitable Giving

When it comes to volunteering and service, Montana comes in at 18, which isn't too bad, however, when it comes to charitable giving, Montana comes in at 38.  When you combine those two factors together, Montana is ranked the 34th most charitable state in the country.

Source: WalletHub

Overall, our region is very giving, in fact, Utah ranks 1st in the nation while Minnesota comes in 3rd, North Dakota comes in 4th, and Wyoming comes in 6th.


Could it be that they got it wrong, or could it be that we're not as charitable as we think we are? I suppose that is up for debate, but what I do know is that there are tons of Montanans that rally together to help out countless folks every day.

The greatest part about my job is that I get to see the very best in people. I get to do radiothons, food and water drives, bar-b-q's for kids, etc.  What I have witnessed with my own eyes is that people here are the most giving folks I've ever known.

No matter the cause, when it comes to helping other Montanans, we always seem to step up and that says a whole lot about who we are.

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