I love the Olympics, in particular the Summer Olympics. Every four years I get way caught up in the back-story drama (NBC, I know what you're doing but I still love it). With all the real life drama behind what it takes to compete in the Olympics and win a medal, why hasn't this been reenacted on the big screen more often?

A movie "based on a true story" of an Olympic athlete overcoming unbelievable odds to win a gold medal premiering during the Olympics...sounds like a box office smash recipe to me. I can only think of a few Olympic movies: "Chariots of Fire", "The Jesse Owens Story", "Cool Runnings" and "Miracle". What am I missing? "Cool Runnings", by the way, was very loosely based on a true story and was still awesome. Who would watch a new Olympic movie that came out right now (during the Olympics)? I can't be the only NBC sucker losing sleep every night.

Here's a great scene from "Miracle" reenacting the 1980 pre-game speech given to the American Hockey team before going on to beat the Soviets and shock the world (the goosebumps don't lie):


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