They say there's two guarantees in life.....death and taxes. I would throw in a's a safe bet that every summer you'll hear some furniture store or car dealership using the phrase "Christmas in July" to describe one of their sales. And when you get right down to it - there really was a Christmas in July last weekend in East Helena. But reduced prices on mattresses and last year's vehicle models had nothing to do with it.

Montana has recently become the Hollywood of the North. Ok, I don't think anyone has officially made that a thing yet, but it sure feels like it. We had Yellowstone film the upcoming season here, an upcoming Alec Baldwin movie was filming in Billings earlier this summer, and a Richard Dreyfuss project made headlines for choosing Big Sky Country as the place to do some filming. Even when they don't film in Montana - movies want you to believe that they're filming in Montana.

It turns out Sabrina the Teenage Witch herself, Melissa Joan Hart, was filming scenes in Montana last weekend for an upcoming Lifetime Channel movie that will air during the Christmas season. And part of the filming included transforming East Helena into winter for activities that included a parade and a carriage ride. Background extras were bundled up for the chilly weather as a little movie magic turned a heatwave by day into a winter set by night.

When the holidays roll around and you're looking for something to watch to get you in the spirit - be on the lookout for "Mistletoe in Montana."  Melissa Joan Hart plays the main character in what a Missoulian article says is the story of "a Montana woman who runs a dude ranch with her father and falls for one of the guests."

Sure, Lifetime Channel holiday movies might be a bit cheesy. But with Montana in the title and footage being shot in the's OUR cheesy movie!

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