Chicago got pummeled with 20 inches of snow, and they're pretty bummed about it.   Don't they realize how cool that is?  Bozeman's week long drought feels like eternity, but I'm hoping our fortunes are about to change.  A strong northwest flow is building with good moisture.  These storms can surprise the Bridger Range with good dumps.  My fingers are crossed that it comes through--we could use a little pummeling ourselves!

From an avalanche perspective we're poised to bury the surface weakness’s that formed during the cold, clear weather this week.  Surface hoar and near surface facets are on many slopes. Some may already be buried under last nights wind drifts.  If the predicted snow falls, then this layer will be preserved and likely become unstable.  Check out the daily avalanche advisory before heading into the backcountry, it could help you out.