Montana is filled with charming small towns and many of those towns offer a nice, quiet life that's a little bit slower than what city folks might be used to.  We're talking about the type of places that just feel like home.  Everyone knows each other, and kids grow up playing on the same little league teams.

The truth is these types of places are becoming harder and harder to find.

So, I guess what a lot of Montanans, including myself want to know is why in the world one small Montana town getting such hate from several different publications. What is it about this specific town that makes it such a target?

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Located in Montana's Bitterroot Valley is one of my favorite towns, of course, I'm talking about Hamilton. Years ago, I had the chance to work in Hamilton and I fell in love with it.  Surrounded by beauty, and filled with great places to eat and be social, Hamilton has a lot going for it.


Not to mention, they have one of the most spectacular private golf courses in the country. Having said all of that, for whatever reason Hamilton comes in first when it comes to the following:

With just under a population of 5000 people, Hamilton has a ton of history including the Daly Mansion.  Plus, there are tons of outdoor activities to participate in, which makes Hamilton a pretty great place to hang out.


Housing is on par with other Montana towns other than Missoula or Bozeman and the people are super friendly, so there doesn't seem to be a real reason that Hamilton receives so much shade, but for several folks in the Bitterroot Valley, if it means fewer people moving there, that's totally ok.

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