Want to kill an hour? Ask any of your pet-loving friends if they have a picture of their furry friend on their phone and start the clock! Any animal owner could easily go on and on about how their pet is the cutest and best in the world. But for one bulldog in Montana, they could actually be bringing home the title of 'America's Favorite Pet' in a contest that is currently open for voting.

Great Falls, MT is home to Rosie the bulldog. But she might soon see her celebrity status explode and bring her some recognition outside of just the city in the center of the state. Rosie could be hitting the big time with her picture on the cover of Dogster magazine if she can continue to bring in the votes as she's been doing in the opening round of the contest. Out of about 250 dogs and cats to be nominated in the group stage, Rosie is currently in second place for her group with voting open through Feb. 24th.

If things stay the way they're going, Rosie will move on to the next round with a chance at the magazine cover and a $5,000 cash prize. Not too shabby for not even entering the contest! In a KPAX story, Rosie's owner tells how it was a family friend that submitted a picture of the bulldog and she was only made aware of it when organizers of the contest called about the submission.

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With just days until they cut the field to 15, you can vote here to help Rosie move on in the competition. I know I'll be anxiously checking the mailbox for my future issues of Dogster magazine to see if she graces the cover!

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