Cats, dogs, birds and even our lizards act cuckoo before a good snow storm. You're not alone. Take a look at other people's stories of their pets acting bananas.

Think your pet is a weirdo before it snows? Well, they probably are BUT so are the rest of our pets. From pacing to stalking to playing dead, our pets get their strange on before the onset of snow.

  • "My cat guards the porch like there is a bear outside - we get his clawing, hissing, spitting and growling wrath for trying to go outside."
  • "On Saturday night, Zoe dog woke me up like she had to go to outside. We were at the condo in Big Sky and hence I had to get dressed to go downstairs and outside. It had just really started snowing and the entire mountain had just lost power so it was pitch black out. Then we came back in but she still wouldn’t settle. So She was shaking and heart was beating fast. So we went for a longer walk and still had no business to do. She (we) finally got to sleep around 4am . I’ve never seen her like this. I was afraid she ate weed or I was having a heart attack, or that an earthquake was going to happen...weird stuff that I’ve never experienced in her before."
photo - Tara Hastie
photo - Tara Hastie
  • "Laney the Lizard sort of plays dead in her tank when it's snowing hard outside. Lays almost on her back, right next to a long stick. She raises an arm to her head so she looks like a romance novel cover heroine. Stays that way for a pretty long time. Very dramatic lizard."
  • "No odd behavior prior to a snowstorm, but when we get a sizable storm, they wait for me to stomp out a circular racetrack in the back yard and proceed to run around like lunatics for hours. I've recently added interior lanes and cut-across options to add variety."
  • "The cockatiels. Chirp. Non stop. Constantly. Then weird bird noises that don't sound like normal bird noises. From the first flake to the last. Also convinced they try to fling their little poos out of the cage."


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