According to the Gallatin Media Center, Friday afternoon, Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and Fort Ellis Fire Dept. were dispatched to the New World Gulch Trail in Bear Canyon just east of Bozeman.

A hiker on the trail found a lady laying beside the trail a mile and a half up. The woman appeared to be disoriented. The woman was a 66 year old Bear Canyon resident. She and her dog were found by search crews about a quarter mile from the trail head.

She had no memory of the majority of the day and could not say what had happened to her.  Evidence including an injury under her chin, chest abrasions and scrapes to the palms of her hands indicated some kind of fall.  She was transported to the hospital and treated for a severe concussion.

Sheriff Brian Gootkin of the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office said that:

 “This lady exercises on that trail every week and was out being active and taking advantage of what this county has to offer.  It just emphasizes the point that when you go into the back country even something simple like a fall can be a serious  problem.  Let someone know where you are going and when you intend to return with instructions to call the Sheriff’s Office if you don’t check back in. ”

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