Always wanted to be a DJ  95-1 The MOOSE? Consider it done.


The good folks at Eagle Mount are having a big gala at Riverside Country Club on November 13th. One of their auction items (in the live auction portion) will be a package that includes a guest spot on The MOOSE Morning Show with me, an hour of tour and production AND then we'll split and golf 9 holes of golf at Bridger Creek!

As I explained to Heather from Eagle Mount when I agreed to this, the person who would make a good guest must have a tolerance of morning crankiness and no political opposition to having a beer or two before noon. (Not necessary to consume, but they can't be OPPOSED to the idea :-)

If you'd like your chance at this package, get your tickets to Eagle Mount's Winter Ball by visiting their website, and I hope to be hangin' and golfing with you this coming Spring! - Michelle

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