It's harmless fun, really. Next time you make friends with someone new to town and you'd like to mess with them a bit, throw out one of these lines...

Love reminiscing about your old Bozeman favorites? That's what this game is all about. From bands and restaurants to bars and retail. You can go back just a few years or 40 years. Your call. At least we all had a chance to enjoy these oldies but goodies and a newbie never will.

We only put together a few...feel free to add some more:

  • "Let's meet for lunch tomorrow at Casa Sanchez or The Burrito Shop."
  • "Dr. Gravy is playing this weekend. You'll love 'em."
  • "A good sandwich downtown?'s at the corner of Main and Willson. Get the Mousetrap."
  • "The Robin is definitely a good place for a chill drink. Perhaps after dinner at the Savory Olive."
  • "Skip the big box. Just get that stuff at Phillips Office Supply downtown."
  • "Yeah, Bozeman has some real characters. Say 'hi' to Tommy the Leprechaun when you see him. Can't miss him."
  • "Let's have one you at The Alley Cat."
  • "Country? Head to Little Johns."
  • "Don't go to a can get that at Re-Threads."
  • "The Army/Navy has a good selection of treasures."

You get the vibe. But be warned, heading down this rabbit hole can take up way more time than you should waste today.

We've got folks in our building who have been in Bozeman for just a few years, one who just moved here and several who have 30+ years. (At the moment there isn't ANYONE in our building who was born here. Those folks are sadly becoming more rare.)

To all the businesses we've mentioned along with so many more, we salute you and miss you.

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