I think the gifts you give say a lot about you. And I've got some super weird friends.

No matter how crappy your 2020 has been, we can probably all agree that a good laugh was a valuable commodity. Getting something unexpected in the mail is always a treat so if you can combine the two...WIN.

I will be forever thankful for my friends in 2020. They were my source of normalcy, engagement and shreds of humor ALL, YEAR, LONG. We share a cheesy and somewhat twisted sense of humor which made for excellent gifts this year.

From the avocado slippers to the fleece tortilla blanket to the hedgehog mittens, my buddies have massive game in the gift giving department. Take a peek...

tortilla blanket

Yes, you can actually wrap yourself up like a human burrito with a fleece tortilla blanket. Then we can be twins. (A quick search reveals that you can get these just about anywhere online.)

Then there are these fantastic hedgehog mittens which my cat is quite fond of. (These too, are available all over the place with a quick online search.)

photo - Michelle Wolfe

In addition to these two fine and practical gifts, I was given avocado slippers earlier in the year just as a pick-me-up, out of the blue present. How nice is that? My New Year's resolution is to do more of that kind of gift giving...don't wait for a holiday, just give it whenever the feeling hits.

photo - Michelle Wolfe