I've just decided that I need three days off from work each week to truly recharge the battery so that I come into the next work week with a vigor and commitment to excellence. We were awarded a 3 Bagger with it being President's Day today and what a treat it was. I got everything I needed. I laid around the house and got some quality lounging in, ran around Bozeman a little bit, got together with some friends in the neighborhood, and went skiing. A couple things were discovered along the way.

One discovery this weekend was finding one of Bozeman's best breakfasts. The wife and I went to the Farmers Market at the Emerson on Saturday and our stomachs led us into the Emerson Grill first. Top notch. The Farmers Market, of course, didn't disappoint. Quality, local food at a good price (enjoyable in so many ways).

On Saturday night we went to our neighbor's house to celebrate a couple birthdays in the neighborhood. This involved a little drinking, o.k. a lot of drinking, and I think I've realized something else. I can no longer play any kind of drinking games. It hurts me to say this but I may now be too old. I can't handle it anymore. Not only do I no longer have the tolerance for it but I certainly can't tolerate the way I feel the next day. Wow!

My final discovery was the perfect hangover remedy. Skiing in very cold conditions. I'm not kidding it works, your pain from the night before is replaced with the pain of fighting frostbite. This is much better because you're skiing, I had so much fun with that fresh powder it didn't matter. I love three day weekends in Southwest Montana! How do you sell that to corporate?