Abstract Rude was given the 10 entries that were submitted into the Beat Producer Competition.  From those he has chosen the 3 that will be used in the MC portion of the 4 Elements of Hip Hop Show this Sunday.  The beats will also be sent to Rymesayers Entertainment to possibly be used by a Rhymesayer artist.

MCs that have worked with Justus Entertainment in the past have been invited to the MC Battle portion of the show.  BUT there are still 2 more spots open in Abstract Rude’s 16 Bar Battle.  If you are a Bozeman area MC and would like to enter to battle for one of the last 2 spots, be at Cactus Records this Friday at 5pm.

This is not a freestyle battle.  MCs looking to win should come with 16 bars of written material for each of the 3 beats.  Subject matter is joined with the beats.  Below are listed the beats and the associated subject matter to write about.

The 3 winning beats are…


1. “OG Smith” by Bobby G.  Subject: Your Experience/ History with Hip Hop.

OG SMITH by EskimoBrothers

2. “If R Kelly Could Still Dream” by Beatsbyme.  Subject: How do you live the dream MLK Jr. had?

IF R Kelly CouLd StilL dReam Beat (Rhymesayers Contest Submission) by beatzbym.E.

3. “Tree Knot (Naughty Na Na)” by Nobe One.  Subject: Describe your style: how ill,unique and or dope it is.

Tree Knot (Naughty Nah Nah) by Noby One

Abstract Rude also picks some honorable mentions to be used as interludes during intermissions.  Congrats to

“8 bit gamer” Beat by Beatsbyme
“A New Beginning” Beat by CJ Williams
“Always” Beat by Mr. Jvo

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All MCs, these are the beats you have to work with and the subjects to write on.  If you have been invited previously to the Battle, good luck.  If you would like to battle this Friday for one of the 2 remaining spots on the show, be at Cactus records at 5pm this Friday January 13th ready with your 16 bars.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday at the Emerson Cultural Center!