It's a Monday after a long holiday weekend, so I've not only provided some easy tips from to avoid stress and have an awesome day but also came up with a few of my own:

Real Simple put together a list of five easy tips to make your day awesome:

  1. Eat the same breakfast every morning. The idea is that your morning is less stressfull if your first meal is already decided. This will give you time to make it healthy (last minute choices tend to be stuff like donuts).
  2. Savor your morning coffee. It's tough to slow down when you've got things to do, but experts claim that you should try to enjoy what you're drinking (instead of mindlessly gulping it down).
  3. Write out an "ignore" list. This is pretty much the opposite of a "To Do" list. It may sound a bit crazy but make a list of all the non-essential stuff that you can ignore or postpone, such as emails that you don't need to answer right away or cleaning.
  4. Take some time to zone out. You're supposed to get to a place where you're not thinking about anything (de-clutter your mind). Just let yourself listen to some music, play a game or watch a little TV (guilt-free).
  5. When you ask "how are you?", actually listen to the answer. It's a throw-away question, and we don't really pay attention to what people say in response. Make a conscious effort to do so. It's supposed to lift your spirits, and help you connect.

I just wanted to throw my two cents in here. I like this list because I think simple things such as these can seriously decrease stress, and therefore allow you to live a happier and longer life! Let's look at #1. I don't know if you necessarily need to eat the same breakfast every morning but go to bed with a morning meal in mind (and make sure you have all the ingredients to make it). This will help you eat healthier and save you time in the morning (which is a huge stress-reliever for I can't stand being late for anything). Not to get all "Truman Show" on you, but also think about what you're going to wear to work the night before and make sure it's ironed (again, time-saver and stress-reliever... it will set a nice tone for the day).

One more random thought. Given the time of year, what about doing something nice for a co-worker? Something out of left field to show them you care. Most of us spend more time with our co-workers than our own family. Have you heard the expression "happy wife, happy life"? This will not only create a better work environment but make you feel better knowing you brightened up a second-family member's day! All we need is love man. Have an awesome day!


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