We spent time asking long time Bozeman residents what they want new residents to know. What to do. More importantly, what NOT to do. Big things. Small things. Many of these items should apply to visitors too.

We'll be happy to add to this list. Just remember, these items came from folks we spoke with. We didn't create this list ourselves. This stuff is just the basics of making life easier on everyone.

photo Michelle Wolfe

(These are in no particular order of importance.)

Please stop making left turns when you're driving on Main Street. There are no lead arrows. You're screwing the traffic flow behind you.

This is not the town you moved FROM. This is Bozeman. How about you wait a hot minute before you start "improving" it. Go volunteer for whatever you're passionate about. THAT is something that is always appreciated.

Bridger Bowl parking gets nuts. Carpool. Take the bus. Just help the cause. Better yet, get a mid-week pass. (It's the best skiing deal on the planet, BTW.)

If you smoke, throw your butts away. There are trash cans all over this town. We're surrounded by the most beautiful rivers in the country. Let's keep 'em clean.

Yellowstone River - photo Michelle Wolfe

Spend your dollars locally. The Gallatin Valley is chock full of hard working local business owners, from breakfast joints to banks. Spending your money with your neighbors is the BEST thing you can do to "keep Bozeman, Bozeman".

Parking downtown requires parallel parking skills. If that is not your strong suit, there is a very nice parking garage at 26 East Mendenhall. That's just a block off Main Street and you get 2 hours free, BTW.

The interstate is your friend. If you have to get from one side of town to the other, just hop on the interstate. You don't need to waste time on city streets.

Photo by Levi Worts

The MSU bookstore is really cool. It's not just for picking up a new Montana State sweatshirt. The MSU bookstore is a secret haven for new computers and tech gadgets. It ALSO is one of the coolest places to shop if you're an arts and crafts sort of person. Seriously. Go look.

Trails are abundant, but they don't clean themselves. One of the top reasons people love it here is the immediate access to the outdoors. Trails for all abilities abound. TAKE CARE OF THEM. VOLUNTEER. The Gallatin Valley Land Trust is an excellent resource for you to get involved with things like National Trails Day and other local projects.

Please shovel your sidewalk. Then perhaps shovel your neighbor's sidewalk, just to be nice. It's actually a requirement with deadlines. (See Bozeman Snow Removal Rules Here...) But mostly, trying to walk on a sloppy sidewalk sucks.

Recycling Truck - photo Michelle Wolfe

Recycling is easy in Bozeman. Take it yourself or have it picked up by the City. (Just make sure you're doing it right.) The Bozeman area has several, convenient recycling locations. It couldn't be easier to do it yourself. Glass has always been a challenge to recycle around here but some of the PRIVATE curbside companies will accept it. Check out Gone Green Recycling...