If you live in Montana, chances are you've experienced these things.


  • Toa55

    The Montana Road Wave

    If you've been driving down a back road in Montana lately, you've probably experienced the Montana road wave. It's like the silent salute to your fellow traveler. If someone waves at you, wave back. It's common courtesy.

  • Betty4240

    Stopping on the Side of the Road to Look at Wildlife

    If you live in Montana, you're never really too busy to stop and enjoy the scenery. Taking in the sights is a part of being a true Montanan.

  • Photo Credit: Jesse James

    Huckleberry Everything

    If you grew up in Montana, you've probably developed a love for huckleberries. If you go into any Montana gift shop, you're guaranteed to see a wide selection of huckleberry infused goodies.

  • format35

    You Love Summer

    The long harsh winters in Montana definitely make you appreciate summer. In Montana, we never take warm weather for granted.

  • Jami Garrison

    Montana Pride

    People in Montana are proud to live here and they don't hesitate to let that be known. Montana has been named the proudest state in the country, and if you're from Montana you know why. Montana pride definitely makes you a true Montanan.