Today (November 13) is World Kindness Day Let your compassion shine brightly, and  get caught showing as much kindness as possible.

Here are 5 ways to practice kindness today:


  • RTimages

    Pay it Forward

    It can be something as small as purchasing coffee for the person in line behind you. Do something kind for someone without being asked. Dong this could really make someone's day.

  • Niccolo? Simoncini
    Niccolo? Simoncini

    Be Kind While Drivng

    There are quite a few aggressive drivers around Bozeman. Today, let someone else go first. If someone is waiting to turn, let them. Don't forget to give them the Montana wave. These are little things that can really make a difference.

  • Thinglass

    Give Someone a Compliment

    If you work in an office, you can congratulate someone on a job well done. There are many ways to pay someone a compliment.

  • mangostock

    Make a Donation to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank

    It's always a great time to give to those in need. With winter settling in, the need in the Gallatin Valley increases substantially. There are many places in the Bozeman area to donate.

  • Alistair Scott
    Alistair Scott

    Be Kind... to Yourself

    While being nice to others is certainly beneficial, it’s important not to overlook being kind to yourself. While that may sound a bit odd, it’s necessary to treat yourself well, especially if you tend to always go out of your way for other people. In between running errands for an ill neighbor and helping your boss while a colleague is away on vacation, are you seeing that your needs are being met?

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