Whoa! That's a lot of corners being improved! Ramps, approaches and curbs are so important for intersection safety for EVERYONE in a community, not just those with mobility issues.

Manhattan, Montana is getting one heck of a sidewalk corner makeover. Where are all of these improvements going? According to the Montana Department of Transportation:

  • South Broadway Street, between Wooden Shoe Lane and East Railroad Avenue
  • North 5th Street, between East Railroad Avenue and East Fulton Avenue
  • Dry Creek Road, between Spruce Street and Bridger Ridge Run
  • West Main Street, between South 2nd Street and South 8th Street

To improve access, one full sidewalk will be improved, 2 new approaches will be installed and a total of 63 sidewalk corners will be updated with ramps. (BTW - ramps aren't a huge deal...they're just incredibly important. It's a simple, smooth change in elevation vs. an abrupt curb drop-off.

You can see clear street maps of exactly which corners are getting what, on this MDT project page.

Although MDT is streamlining this large project as much as possible to reduce inconvenience to the public, they did say this:

During construction for the new sidewalk improvements, the public should expect minor mild noise disturbances, minor pedestrian detours, and intermittent loss of parking.

Improvements like these can make a street so much safer for everyone who uses it. (Just think about North 7th Avenue just a few years back...although busier than Manhattan streets, North 7th was challenging to even walk a few blocks. Crossing the street was not easy or safe.) Improvements to corners is good for vehicles (to see) and for pedestrians (to cross).

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