Need a break? Want to be quiet and just watch gorgeous video of rural Montana for 8 minutes? Do it. It's healthy and it's right here.

Dale Davis, M.D. has done a really nice job with a video series he put together in the summer of 2020. Really beautiful outdoor footage ranging from Big Sky Resort to the Centennials to Quake Lake and everywhere in between.

The three part series was taken over a 5 week vacation period in our area. I find it even more relaxing to recognize every frame of his lovely video. If you've ever driven from Big Sky south to the Idaho border, you'll know exactly where he was filming. (Some of the prettiest video was taken right up at Big Sky Resort.)

This is Volume 2 in his series of Montana Mountains and Rivers:

For those who like to 'compare equipment', Dale Davis gave details! According to Dale's description on his video, this is the process he used and the equipment he chose for the series:

I created this using the following gear; (1) Nikon D750 DSLR (2) Nikon 14-28mm,f/2.8 lens, Nikon 28-300mm, f/3,5-5.6 lens, Dynamic Perception Stage One Motion Timelapse Slider and Sapphire Pan-Tilt Head, DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, DJI Osmo Action video camera, and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max camera and video (4K).

Processing was done using Adobe Photoshop CC 2020,Lightroom LrC, and Premier Pro video editing software. In addition timelapses were processed with LRLightroom5.

Thank you, Dale, for sharing your gorgeous vacation video with the rest of us. Your passion for the outdoors is certainly appreciated up here and we are glad you allowed us to share it! Thank you!

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