Montana is a great setting for almost any film, but especially a horror movie. And we've found a film that would be perfect for a Montana setting.

I am a fan of movies made and set in Montana but also a massive horror movie guy. I can't get enough of them. I fall asleep watching horror movies frequently. I'm particularly fond of one decade of horror films; the 1980s. There are horror movie classics like A Nightmare on Elm StreetFriday The 13th, and many others. 

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There are also some terrible horror movies from that decade. One horror flick that I found out about recently is called Night of the Demon. This film is from 1983 and is about a professor and his students going out in the woods to prove Bigfoot is real. 

Yeah, the movie is about Bigfoot. Weird title, right? The film is ridiculous and not one I would recommend to anyone. One thing that didn't make sense was that the film was set and shot in Northern California. Why doesn't that make sense? 

Hypothetically, Bigfoot lives in the Pacific Northwest. Northern California seems a little too far south. I'm not sure what the logic there was. 

Over the years, movie studios have been remaking films from the 1980s to varying degrees of success. Here's my idea: what if they remade Night of the Demon, and had the film set in Montana?

Photo by Elti Meshau via Unsplash
Photo by Elti Meshau via Unsplash

Montana has mountain ranges and dense forests where the elusive Bigfoot could hide. Plus, Montana is a perfect location to shoot beautiful landscape shots. Montana should be the spot for this remake. Plus, who wouldn't want a wild horror movie like this to be produced in Montana? It would be such a treat. 

So who do I need to talk to to make this happen? 

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