Every great movie needs a bad guy. Of course, throughout the history of film, there have been some world-class villains. Whether it's an alien from a galaxy far, far away, or some sort of deranged mask-wearing serial killer, a great bad guy is hard to beat.

With Halloween just around the corner, folks tend to tune into scary/horror movies more than normal, so we thought we would ask the question: "Who is your all-time favorite movie villain?" Below are the Top 6 All-Time Favorite Movie Villains according to Montanans.

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Home Alone's Marv and Harry

Here's a little truth that may surprise you: I've never seen Home Alone. However, it seems that everyone else in Montana has, and when it comes to all-time favorite villains, Marv and Harry are quite popular here in the state.

Mike Meyers And Verne Troyor Star In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Photo New Line
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Austin Powers' Dr. Evil

Who doesn't love Austin Powers? Yea, Baby, yea! The popular movie series introduced us to several characters, such as Mini-Me, Fat Bastard, and of course, the diabolical Dr. Evil and that creepy hairless cat of his.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Halloween" - Red Carpet
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Halloween's Michael Myers

Michael Myers has been scaring movie goers for decades, and seems to be just as popular now as he was back in the 1970s. The backstory is certainly an interesting one. Michael kills his sister at a young age and gets sent away, only to return years later to start killing teenagers around his hometown. Oh, and here is another interesting fact: the original Michael Myers mask was a William Shatner mask just painted white.

MGM 2001 Movie Previews
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Silence of the Lambs' Dr. Hannibal Lector

The idea of a world-class psychiatrist that just happens to enjoy killing people only to eat them is a little creepy. However, Anthony Hopkins did such a brilliant job playing everyone's favorite cannibal that he won an Oscar for best actor. The truth is, it's kind of hard not to cheer for Hannibal, especially when he seems to target folks that are rotten to the core.

Celebrities Attend Heath Ledger Tribute
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The Dark Knight's Joker

In my opinion, Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is the greatest bad guy of all time. The intensity, depth of character, movements, and facial expressions are a masterclass in acting. Ledger would go on to win the Oscar for best supporting actor, however, sadly passed away before the ceremony was held.

Star Wars: The Exhibition - Private View
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Star Wars' Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, has been called the greatest villain in the history of movie-making. The Jedi-turned-bad-guy has mesmerized movie-goers for the last 40-plus years. Half man and half machine, Vader is known as a ruthless, no-nonsense number two who serves the evil Emperor. Spoiler Alert: he finally gets his act together and returns to the good guys. Let's be honest, who doesn't love a good redemption story?

Who is your all-time favorite movie villain? Did they make the Top 6? Let us know by sending us a message on our App.

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