The historic Ellen Theater in downtown Bozeman will become filled with fly fishing (and film making) fans on Friday, June 3rd for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

Tickets are just $20 in advance and can be purchased here. Tickets will also be sold at the door the day of show depending on availability.

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If you're on the fence about attending a film festival that's 'just' about fishing, may I suggest you spend some time previewing the fine films that are included in this year's festival.

Never seen a fly fishing movie? They're absolutely stunning. Combining sport, nature, adventure, travel and cinematography, you'll be impressed. I promise. Here's a taste of what you can expect:

This January the festival kicked-off in Seattle to a sold-out audience, one of over a hundred screenings planned for North America and around the world; all featuring a stunning line-up of official selections that will take audiences on jaw-dropping fly-fishing adventures.
IF4™ travels around the globe featuring the very best in today's fly-fishing films.

The winner of last year's film festival is a real beauty, entitled "Out There". You can this 14 minute film here:

“Out There” follows Fred Campbell and the Hooke crew as they make the best of difficult circumstances, a storyline that resonated with audiences on the 2021 virtual tour. The film explores the idea of fly fishing as a remedy to difficulty and follows the journey of anglers in search of Pike, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead and Coho.

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