Business owners beware: some fake bills have been used in downtown Bozeman in recent weeks. Counterfeit money costs small businesses millions every year, so keep your eyes open!

According to the Downtown Bozeman Partnership:

  • Counterfeit bills have been reported as being used at more than one Downtown Business over the last week
  • Please be aware of this, let your staff know and be alert
  • Please report any use of counterfeit bills to the Bozeman Police Department immediately


According to Business Wire:

Despite multiple bill redesigns, advances in sophisticated, low-cost digital printing have made it easier than ever to produce fake money.

According to recent data, U.S. authorities recovered approximately $89 million in counterfeits from circulation.

What’s more, the U.S. Secret Service estimates that approximately $2.5 billion of bills in circulation are fake...

Let's keep Bozeman safe from counterfeit money! When our local businesses lose, we all lose.