Montana tourists are great about sharing their adventures with us on video. The Pexton Family makes us want to go on their next vacation WITH them. Yellowstone, 4 wheeling, downtown Bozeman shopping, rafting...they did it all.

No, we don't know the Pexton family but they certainly look like a crew we'd hang out with.

Kayla Pexton uploaded their 2017 Montana vacation video to share with the rest of us. Take a peek. Did YOUR family get along this well on vacation?

They also went fishing, zip lining, saw tons of wildlife and went horseback riding. (I sure didn't do all that stuff in ONE vacation when I was a kid.)

Thank you, Pexton Family, for enjoying Montana and sharing it with the rest of us.

We DO like tourists who have a blast and take care of the place while they're here. Looks like you did both!

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