This classic old Richardson travel trailer in Three Forks definitely needs a ton of work, but it's FREE on Craigslist.

Can't you picture this baby reborn as a greenhouse, she-shed, guest quarters, road side taco stand, etc...? Just imagine the original paint scheme on the outside. How cool this must have looked back in the day.

We looked up vintage Richardson trailers and MAN were some of them FUNKY. Go ahead and Google 'richardson regent bi-level model'. It's super weird but oddly cool.

I'm GUESSING from the image searching I did that this model is from around 1951. Come on, don't you want to turn this into the coolest 70 year old backyard greenhouse? According to the Craigslist listing, it's currently located on Buffalo Jump Road near Crowley Lane.

Again, this was listed in the FREE section and the other pictures show some SIGNIFICANT repairs needed. I'm not even sure how you move something like this that's been sitting in the same spot for years.

There are entire sites dedicated to refurbishing vintage trailers from the 50s. Just an image search prompts a ton of cool ideas if you have the time, patience and a few bucks.

(I'll tell you what, fully restored these puppies are worth some money!) Pinterest is always a good idea starter, but we also found a bunch of sites/dealers dedicated to these Rusty Old American Dreams. (That's a great tune, BTW, by David Wilcox. Worth your time.)

Well, take a peek. If you DO pull the trigger on this thing be sure to let us know. We'd love to follow it's next chapter!

Trailer - Vintage Richardson craigslist 2020
Trailer - Vintage Richardson sign craigslist 2020
Trailer - Vintage Richardson interior craigslist 2020

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