The winning listing on Craigslist Bozeman free items this week is a huge, loud electric organ. C'mon. You know somebody who needs this thing.

Yes, this thing works. Apparently there are a couple of functions on this free organ that don't work but let's be honest...does ANYBODY actually know how to use all the crazy stuff on an electric organ? No way.

The organ is actually located for pick-up out in Manhattan but the post says they'll help you load this puppy up so what on earth are you waiting for?

Let's be clear: the sound of an electric organ is not for everyone. Even when it's played by someone who's musically talented. I remember growing up in California and there was an older lady about 4 houses down the canyon that played hers all the time. It always sounded like church to me, and not in a good way.

So....if you need this FREE electric organ to be yours, head on out to Manhattan and fetch it. Here is the official Craigslist info on the item. It's apparently located out on Little Holland Road.

The current owner says it works except for just a couple of it's functions. The only reason they're getting rid of it is because they need the room. Makes sense. But what a great reason for this annoying gem to become your weapon of choice when the rental house next door to yours gets to loud with a house party?

Better yet, fire this thing up the NEXT MORNING about 7:15am and see how that goes. At the very least, it might prompt peaceful conversations with troublesome neighbors about the art of "keeping it down".

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