I unwillingly joined a club in March of 2005. It was raining like hell in Bozeman when I got a phone call from my father in Mexico, where my parents were living the good life. That phone call became my membership card into the "Your Mom Isn't Here Anymore" club.

Several years have now passed and Mother's Day doesn't bother me much. Random Tuesdays can be surprisingly tough when I find myself needing a mom. Of course I'd prefer it to be MY mom, but any mom will do. Moms know stuff. They've been there. They always give a s*** when you're having a problem.

1. I miss giving each other music on Valentine's Day. It was kind of our thing. She was a music freak her entire life, and clearly I followed in her footsteps. When Michael Jackson's "Thriller" came out, of COURSE that's what I was getting for Valentine's Day.

2. I miss her chocolate chip cookies. I'll be damned if I can't replicate her recipe. They weren't fancy but they had walnuts in them and she'd make a ginormous batch and freeze them. You'd be surprised how good a frozen chocolate chip cookie is.

3. I miss calling her when I'm having boy trouble. A girl with a broken heart is a delicate thing and NOBODY wants to make you feel better than your mother. Enough said.

4. I miss my gold necklaces being around HER neck. My mom was a gold wearin' lady. She gave me my first gold necklace when I was about 7 years old. It hasn't left my neck in 30 years. Her beautiful Credit Suisse necklace that she wore religiously now adorns my neck. What I wouldn't give to see HER with them on again.

5. I miss her being at all "my stuff." She was at every swim meet, every soccer match. But now that I'm an adult she's missed a lot of stuff. She would have been there with me in Philadelphia when I got a big professional accolade. But she wasn't. She would have kicked my ex-fiance's ass when things fell apart. But she couldn't. She would be there when the time comes for me to get married. But she can't.

The point is... This is a club nobody wants to be a member of. Be good to your mom. You WILL miss her when she's gone.

My mom and I in Jocotopec, Mexico