I need Winston the sloth to pick up the pace, man. Webcams are great but that dude is SLOW and my patience is short. When is the best time to catch him live?

ZooMontana in Billings has two great webcams for us to spy on some of their residents. Winston the sloth has his own live webcam, and the two bears—Bruno and Ozzy—have their own outdoor webcam from their enclosure.

The best chance you'll have to see Winston the sloth live is around 11:30am every day because that is when he gets fed. However, I can speak from my focused sloth-watching experience that feeding time is not an exact science. Many a day I have found myself repeatedly checking every minute or two, only to find it's 11:47am. (Yes, I have a short attention span.)

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Winston isn't very old and he hasn't been in Montana all that long. He came to us from Michigan during the pandemic and has become a fan favorite of the "zoo cam" world. He's a sloth. Who doesn't like sloths?

View Winston The Sloth's ZooMontana Webcam Here

Sloths are lazy bastards, sleeping 15 to 18 hours a day, according to World Wildlife. Since Winston sleeps so much, it's actually challenging to catch him live. Oddly enough, Zoo Montana says he enjoys cooking:

Winston was born in the Spring of 2019. Winston came to ZooMontana in June of 2020 from Saginaw, Mich., and his journey across the country was chronicled on his own Instagram page. Winston has been visible to the public since October 2020.

Although most often sleeping, Winston really moves when he wants to! Be sure to plan your visit to include his 11:30am feeding for optimal viewing opportunities. When not sleeping, Winston may be seen cooking his sweet potatoes in his slow cooker.

I'm dying to know if Winston actually has mad slow cooker skills. We haven't been able to catch him in that sort of action. Details pending from ZooMontana. BTW, when Winston is feeling camera shy, this is what you're going to see on his live webcam:

Zoo Montana - Winston's webcam
Zoo Montana - Winston's webcam
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