We're all cramming as much outdoor fun into our summer as possible. Do NOT forget that Montana does have its fair share of snakes, including rattlesnakes. We can't think of a quicker way for a good day to go south.

The folks at Bighorn Trout Shop took this quick video while they were out near Fort Smith, Montana. It didn't make any warning sound until they were right up on it.

Rattlesnakes have been spotted much closer to Bozeman along the Madison AND Gallatin Rivers so be extra vigilant when you're enjoying the outdoors.

According to mt.gov:

Prairie Rattlesnakes favor open and arid country but are also found in ponderosa pine stands and mixed grass-coniferous forests.

They are more likely to be encountered on south-facing slopes and in areas with rock outcrops.

Video by Bighorn Trout Shop - VIMEO