I've lived in Billings for the better part of 20 years and it appears that it's finally happening... we're getting an outdoor concert pavilion! A press release from the Pub Station today (11/9) confirmed the news. They shared some renderings with the media and it looks like the new venue is going to be awesome.

Image by A&E Architects, provided by the Pub Station

It will be located in the middle of Billings.

I know, I know... everybody seems to think that the West End is where everything new must go, but I think the centrally located spot between 2nd and 3rd Ave N, off 17th St (official address: 203 N 17th St) is a great compromise. It's basically in the center of Billings, allowing fairly equal access for Heights residents and West Enders. The outdoor pavilion and associated facilities will occupy 1/2 of a city block. Currently, the lot is vacant, and the property borders the former Billings Food Bank building to the east.

Credit: Google Maps

Room for 3,000 fans.

1111 Presents/Pub Station owner Sean Lynch said this about the new, 3,000 person capacity venue,

We are excited to expand our venue options in the Billings market, and to continue providing quality entertainment to Eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming.

The project is privately funded with First Interstate Bank lending the capital and local design firm A&E Architects taking the lead on the project. The new venue is slated for completion by late summer 2022 and groundbreaking could take place as early as the end of the year, Lynch told us today. The pavilion (not to be confused with an amphitheater) is slightly smaller than the famous Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Missoula and will certainly fill a demand for touring acts in Billings. Lynch says they plan to host 25 - 30 events per year at the yet-unnamed pavilion.

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Credit: Michael Foth Townsquare Media

What about parking?

That was the first thing I wondered when I drove by the property today. Lynch says there is quite a bit of street parking in the area, but they are also planning on developing a shuttle bus system to-and-from downtown parking garages on concert dates. I love this idea. Come downtown, have a beverage and a bite to eat, then catch the shuttle to the show.  We can't wait to see the first concert at the new pavilion. Billings is long overdue.

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