Bozeman has greatly improved their recycling programs in the last couple of years. Did you know that you can get curbside pick-up of your recyclables WITHOUT having to sort them? One tote for all of your recycling needs!

According to the City of Bozeman, you just need to follow these simple directions for the "one tote" method:

  • Rinse containers with water and leave no food residue in the recyclable containers
  • Ensure recyclables are clean, dry and empty
  • Flatten boxes to conserve space
  • Please do not put garbage or food waste into the recycling bin
    • Contaminates can lead to an entire load of otherwise clean recyclables ending up as garbage
  • Leave labels on
  • Crush plastic bottles and put caps back on to conserve space

To sign up for Bozeman's Curbside Recycling (which costs about $10 a month with bi-weekly pick-up), call at 582-3200.

Photo courtesy City of Bozeman
Photo courtesy City of Bozeman

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