You're Not Recycling The Right Way!
OK, maybe YOU are but many people are tossing things into the bins that absolutely SHOULD NOT go in the mix. We've made a simple visual of what's right and what's wrong. Pass it on!
Bozeman Curbside Recycling With No Sorting
Bozeman has greatly improved their recycling programs in the last couple of years. Did you know that you can get curbside pick-up of your recyclables WITHOUT having to sort them? One tote for all of your recycling needs!
West Yellowstone Being Green, Recycling & Earth Day
Small towns might make it easier to 'be green' by not having the red tape that seems to always appear in bigger towns when it comes to recycling. (Bozeman's difficulty in recycling glass, anyone?) West Yellowstone demonstrates that it's making Green Moves, as Earth Day approaches…
Logan Landfill Shingle Recycling

Cool news for the Bozeman/Belgrade area after this summer's huge hail storm. Hundreds of roofs in the area have already been replaced but there are hundreds more expected to be repaired or replaced this Spring. - Michelle
Recycling shingles at the Logan Landfill remains a viable option and dump crews…