Three co-workers at IGT in Bozeman, a company that makes gaming machines, got together to create a mobile strategic board game app. Boxster is now available in the Apple App Store and for Mac and Windows.

Dan DeFrance, Tyson Joehler and Chris Sehy, three computer science graduates working for IGT here in Bozeman, got together in their spare time to create an original, strategic board game for mobile devices called Boxster. The three men told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that it was designed in the style of a board game, "Bloxster falls somewhere between tic-tac-toe and chess." DeFrance went on to say,

It's not like any of the others. We came up with a totally original app. It sharpens your critical thinking. It's not a brainless time-waster.

The app was released last month on the Apple App Store, and is now also available for Mac and Windows. The game costs 99 cents. As small developers, the group is hoping the game gains popularity by word of mouth, starting locally. Visit for more info.