The Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival began its 15th annual gathering of climbers and alpine enthusiasts here in Bozeman, Montana on December 8th. With over 600 people participating in this year’s Ice Fest and 170 people in the climbing clinics, it was the largest gathering of kindred spirits with a focused passion for the ascension of vertical ice since the event’s inception in 1996.

Over the last 15 years, the Bozeman Ice Festival has been dedicated to promoting and protecting the world class ice climbing that you can find right up our own Hyalite Canyon. The event draws novices and professionals alike, bringing them together to enjoy a myriad of climbing clinics for both vertical ice and mixed climbing (climbing on rock and ice). Participants enjoy testing technical gear provided by companies like Black Diamond, Arc’teryx, Rab, Northern Lights and more. And of course a little gathering of the tribe for camaraderie and libations at the end of the day was enjoyed.

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