No walk-ins. It's like booking a tee time. A super handy calendar will allow you to book online for open skates, puck lunches, etc., AND pay for it so you're all ready to go.

The Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association is being very cautious this year, keeping it's members and the public safe. There are LOTS of new rules at the rink (which is located at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.) No crowds. Sign up for time slots in advance...

  • There is now an EZ Facility website registration siteIt's live and active, so until further notice this is how you'll book times at the rink.
  • Once you are there, simply create an account. You'll only have to do that part ONCE but that makes everything else very easy
  • Then, browse what events are coming up and when you'd like to go play at the rink. You can simply scroll through the calendar for the date and event you'd like to book
  • If you hover on an event, it will even show you how many spots are left. VERY convenient if you've got a group of 4 people but there are only 2 spots left.
  • You can then book/reserve a spot and pay for public events such as Public Skate, Stick and Puck, and Puck Lunch.
  • The site offers all of their regular options including day passes, 11x punch cards, and season passes.
  • There will be NO Walk-Ins or In-Person payments
  • This is to ensure that they do not exceed their maximum capacity and enable social distancing as much as possible.
  • All of these precautions are to keep everyone safe and healthy, while making as much time on the ice available as possible.
  • By the way, If you have a punch card from last season or already purchased a season pass online for THIS yesr, they are pre-loaded into EZ Facility and can be found in the account associated with the email address you used to buy it, or the email that is associated with your account.
  • It's a bummer not being able to watch your kids and friends play at the rink. You can at least watch a live stream with a  subscription to Live Barn. With Live Barn, you can stream games from the comfort of your home. Use promo code: 57ab-8616 to receive 10% off your subscription.
  • Rink Calendar and Deadlines:
  • Travel Hockey Programs Evaluations - Monday, October 28th - Friday, October 3rd
  • HHL Online Registration Closes (late fees apply after this date) - Friday, October 11th
  • First Day of Ice on Bottcher Memorial Ice Rink - Monday, October 26th
  • First Session of Greenhorns - Monday, October 26th
  • Learn to Skate Session 2 Begins - Tuesday, October 27th
  • First Day of Non-Travel Hockey - Tuesday, October 27th
  • Barley Cup 3v3 - Saturday, October 31st
  • Haynes Hockey League Begins - Sunday, November 1st
  • 7th Annual Woodstick Tournament - November 7th-8th
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