Want to support a cool, local project? Scott Hale of Bozeman, MT has written a book called "Not Too Old To Code"...a guide for people over 30 who are considering learning to code later in life and there's a Kickstarter Campaign to help out.

We think this is absolutely awesome.

Scott Hale reinvented himself (or at least his career) a few years ago. Who better to write a book that might help YOU reinvent your career if you've been thinking about learning to code.

According to his website:

Scott Hale is a web developer and fine artist living in Bozeman, Montana. When he's not working you are likely to find him standing in a river waving a stick at fish.

Well, if he's doing that you are not going to find him because he's hiding from you.

Visit the official "Not Too Old To Code" website...

There is a Kickstarter Campaign to help with the final distribution costs of his book. To get a feel for what this project is all about, we'll let Scott Hale explain it himself!