The Yellowstone County Attorney's Office has announced charges in the accident that occurred last night around 9 PM on the west end of Billings.

Vehicular Homicide While Under The Influence (Felony)

The Yellowstone County Attorney's Office has charged Kevin Welter with vehicular homicide while under the influence. According to the release:

On July 19, 2022, at approximately 8:45 pm, Officer Johnson with the BPD responded to multiple reports of an accident involving a vehicle and motorcycle with injuries at the intersection of Molt Rd and Masters Blvd. Upon officers arriving, Officer Johnson observed the motorcycle driver, later identified as  Aaron Lurz, lying in the middle of the intersection surrounded by several people attempting to render aid. The motorcycle Lurz had been driving was severely damaged and looked to be in several pieces.

Officer Johnson checked for a pulse, while Officer Unruh took over chest compressions until medical personnel arrived. Subsequently, medical personnel declared Lurz deceased on the scene.

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The release continues:

As this was occurring, Officer Johnson went to speak with the driver of the vehicle who had been pointed out by bystanders and was subsequently identified as Kevin Welter, the Defendant herein. Welter was on his knees about five or six feet away from where Lutz was lying and had a woman attempting to comfort him. Officer Johnson asked if he was the driver and Welter stated that he was. Officer Johnson requested that Welter stand up and go speak with him by his patrol vehicle. When Welter stood up, he staggered to the side, causing his feet to cross over in front of one another. The woman who had been comforting him, grabbed his back pants pocket to steady him. As she let go, Welter tried to take another couple steps but stumbled again, causing Officer Johnson to take him by the arm and assist him to where his patrol car was located approximately 10 yards away.

At this time, Officer Johnson smelled the odor of alcohol on Welter's breath and person.

At the patrol car, Welter continued to be unsteady on his feet and staggered back and forth a couple times. Officer Johnson asked Welter what had happened and Welter eventually stated that he had been northbound on Molt Rd, turning left onto Masters Blvd. Welter said the motorcycle was southbound on Molt Rd and had a “dim headlight” before trailing off and not finishing his sentence. Officer Johnson surmised from Welter’s comments and his own observations that Welter had been in the process of making a left turn when he collided with Lurz on the motorcycle.

The investigation will continue, and to read the complete press release, please click the button below.

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