I loved Butte long before Anthony Bourdain professed his love and respect for the town. He did a nice job on Parts Unknown. However, any Montanan knows that a day in Butte doesn't do it justice, no matter who you get to hang out with.

You have to walk around. Spend some time. (Although it was pretty cool he got to blow stuff up in the mine with the students and teachers from the School of Mining. AND, BTW - I love Anthony Bourdain...)

You've been there. You've biked there. You've perhaps drank there. Butte, Montana is a special place with a world famous history.

What I enjoy most about Butte, is the daydream I have quite often about Butte's NEXT CHAPTER. I think about it all the time. What does Butte want to be when it grows up? What industry or sector does it want to embrace and encourage?

No matter what Butte decides, I'll always enjoy spending time there....

CHECK OUT THE BUTTE, MONTANA EVENTS CALENDAR if you need some inspiration to visit again.

Thanks to Nathan Purdy for this cool drone view of Butte!

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