Butte might be the most interesting town of all of Montana. People who live there love it and other Montanans respect it. It's got a rich mining history that absolutely changed the world, and although a little rough around the edges - Butte is still loved by those who call it home.

The online conversation all started with an original poster who stated they were a 6th generation Butte local, who's family had been there for over 100 years. It was a simple statement of pride and respect for Butte, with an evening picture that included the lit up Finlen Hotel sign:

Talk is cheap. It ain't pretty. But be careful what you say about the Mining City...
Sittin' way up, a mile high. In the best state. Known for the Big Sky. 6 generations later. We still live here.

Same hometown for over 100 years They say there's better places. But none that I've found. I don't mind a visit. But Butte's my hometown.

I don't know the song, and it wasn't referenced, but I'm fairly certain this original conversation starter are lyrics from a song about Butte. Either way, the responses were equally cool to read. Folks love Butte, respect Butte, and/or miss Butte.

Butte, Montana
Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash


  • "I love this wonderful town!"
  • "The Montana Folk Festival is one of the finest festivals in the country. Butte, Montana is the best host city."
  • "They used to have a slogan: Butte is my town, & I Like it!"
  • "Great slogan! I think I will have that printed on a t-shirt and wear it with pride."
  • "Butte supplied the whole world with copper. That town actually changed the world and the history of America."
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  • "Loved the ambience of the bar at that wonderful hotel (Finlen)"
  • "Absolutely stunning and I miss my heart, Butte."
  • "I love Butte, my grandparents lived there."
  • "Your post really made me think back about my family and it's arrival here. It is amazing to think of 100 Years of family here. We are similar in that our great- grandfather, Thomas Winter, came here in 1894 from London, England. He was my mother's grandfather and a watchman at the mines. My Irish grandparents came here in 1909. Thank you for your nice post that was food for thought. Coming here that early, they helped develop this town. Wouldn't it be wonderful to talk to them today and ask them what it was like then."
Butte, MT - photo: Michelle Wolfe
Butte, MT - photo: Michelle Wolfe


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