I have resigned myself to knowing I'm the only female on the planet who is not capable of making Chex Mix. Unfortunate, since it's my absolute favorite snack.

Michelle's Chex Mix Disaster
Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

Monday night was the night. In my 38 years of existence, I've never attempted to create this delicious, salty treat. The box of Corn Chex was untouched, the other ingredients were on hand. Time to dive in.

How hard could it be? An oven, butter, garlic powder, onion powder and Worcestershire sauce and six years of college under my belt.

I followed the instructions on the box exactly. Except for adding the pretzels, bagel chips and nuts because all that stuff I find to be distracting from the yumminess that is plain Chex cereal coated in salty goodness.

One hour later and many stirs later, I removed the pyrex dish of golden brown cereal and nibbled a couple. Didn't taste anything like the bag you buy at the Kwick-E-Mart. Immediate disappointment, but I decided to let it cool completely and taste again.

Moral of the story: Michelle Wolfe still cannot cook. Not even baked cereal. It is best to leave your favorite treats to the experts and your old boyfriend's Mom. -Michelle

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