Piano rockers Coldplay seem to be taking the Bono/Dave Grohl approach as of late, jumping on any new and interesting kind of promotional tool that they can get their hands on. Recently, the band performed at their own custom-built music venue in Los Angeles which housed 360 different screens. That performance was just released as a DVD titled 'Ghost Stories Live' on Monday (Nov. 24).

Now, as another new offering, the band has put up an interactive video on their website for their song 'Ink' off of their new album, 'Ghost Stories,' where you as the viewer have the option to select where the man in the video should go to search for his lost love. Not all of the outcomes are positive, but there are over 300 ways for the story to go, and you may just end up helping him find his woman.

'Ghost Stories' is out now via Parlophone/Atlantic.

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