Three guys spent this summer making a movie. It's not just about vanishing pubic lands. It's not just about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It's not just about friends enjoying the outdoors.

The trailer has been released for Common Ground and we've got it here!

You can find ALL the details about the movie at

In the summer of 2017, three friends will set off on a week-long journey from Bozeman to Red Lodge, Montana.

This journey will span 250-miles across the largest intact ecosystem in the lower forty-eight.

Traversing this landscape will draw attention to the importance of the common space surrounding Yellowstone National Park.

Their nightly schedule included the following stops:

July 10th: Chisholm Campground, Hyalite Canyon
July 11th: Tom Miner Campground
July 12th: Downtown Gardiner
July 13th: Pebble Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park
July 14th: The Miner Saloon, Cooke City
July 15th: Alpine Campground, East Rosebud
July 16th: Downtown Red Lodge



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